In Tatiana’s hypnotherapy, it has been really easy and natural to share and delve into challenging things. Each time has been liberating and empowering.

I like Tatianas’s calm and accepting presence. She also knows how to work with the most essential.  Every session leads me on a journey into previously unexplored areas within me.

Tatiana is one of the few with whom I can cry and bring difficult things to the surface. I think this is because she has worked with herself and is familiar with her own “monsters”. In our session, I’ve felt truly cared for, heard, and accepted.

Thank you so much! 🙂



My name is Maximiliano, I am from Argentina and I would like to share something about my own experience with hypnotherapy.

First, it was very gratifying to dedicate that time which, although short, was very enriching. Being able to travel to past memories, finding the roots of all the issues from a very safe and accompanied place is the key to healing from traumatic experiences.

My work with Tatiana gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better and open myself to the possibility of continuing to expand with a fantastic technique.

I believe it is a healing meditation!



I needed a therapist who could accompany and guide me through very rough trauma healing. Tatiana came along just at the right moment and helped me to open up to myself, structure this chaos in my head and look at very old patterns from a different perspective.

She is a naturally talented healer and supporter and a smart and attentive communicator. She notices details that I can’t see myself and gently directs me towards my goals. I feel comfortable and safe during our sessions and it’s hard to imagine another person to replace Tatiana.

After 6 months of therapy, I can see amazing results and a lot to come. Hypnotherapy is the best option to heal traumas and change your old unhealthy ways for a better and fruitful life.

Tatiana is also experienced in many other alternative therapy methods, which she also has tried herself. My recommendation is to plan for long-term therapy, as your mind will be adjusting gradually and the results will be much better and stable.