About Me

My dream is to help you recognize, accept and love yourself so that you can finally start to heal. Integrating all the unique and incomparable parts of you, that make you be you!

My name is Tatiana.

Formerly addicted to recognition, my self-worth was attached to the amount of attention I got. One day I realized I was a people pleaser and couldn’t be certain of my own truth without someone’s authorization. 

This was before hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy transformed my life and allowed for unimaginable but necessary healing. I can tell you from personal experience that the work is deep and dark but it is incredibly rewarding.

I am a trained hypnotherapist who focuses on helping individuals dive deep into the uniqueness of their sexuality, gender and identity.

I help people find and connect to their voice allowing them to stay true to themselves in all interactions. Working together, I can help you:

  • discover your highest potential
  • release your creative expression
  • connect to your inner silence, stillness and spaciousness
  • turn limiting and self-destructing beliefs into healing and self-compassionate reaffirmations. 

My Story

I grew up surrounded by contradicting beliefs about gender and sexuality.

Some kids were allowed to get dirty, climb trees, fight, scream, wrestle, be funny and different. Others were supposed to wear cute fluffy clothes, have long hair, play with dolls, sing songs, dance and love angels and princesses.

I didn’t want to be on only one team. 

I wanted to stand out. I wanted to be remembered, be proactive, talk to everyone, play different games, and definitely not wear dresses that were too precious to ruin. I wanted to do me; something there was no space for in all the beauty standards and behavioural etiquettes.

So, I learned to be entertaining – everyone’s favourite girl. 

I would fall in love with my friends – girlfriends, boyfriends, I didn’t know any different.
And people would ask me, ‘do you like her in THAT way?’ ‘Did he touch you in THAT way?’ They’d ask with their big inquisitive eyes. I truly struggled understanding what ‘that’ way meant and how it was any different from all the other ways.

Skip forward to the start of my sex life which began with abuse – an abuse I couldn’t even admit to myself, because it was my boyfriend. Instead, I took on the shame and responsibility and carried them with me for years.

This burden of denied emotions turned me into an extremely anxious being.

I tried healing myself with all the possible tools of different approaches to bodywork. I tried shamanic journeys, aquatic sessions, tantric massages, bondage and more…

You name it, I tried it.

It wasn’t until I discovered hypnotherapy that I could truly free myself and start healing.

My personal hypnotherapy treatment enabled me to gain consciousness of my past traumas and patterns, but more than that, it helped me to integrate myself. I could practice not being afraid of my demons, accepting the darkness inside me and embracing it so that it could dissolve into the light.

It allowed me to turn my limiting beliefs into positive confirmations, transforming all the unexpressed emotions trapped in my body; emotions that had been manifesting themselves as anxiety, stress, depression, and low self-esteem, into a limitless source of creativity, inspiration, sexual energy and life force.

This wonderful method has truly helped me to accept myself and my inner femininity, allowing it to bloom and blossom with creativity and the pure joy of life. This is the same femininity I spent years trying to banish because I was afraid of losing control.

It is said that a dream one dreams alone is just a dream, but a dream we dream together can be a revolution. 

I dream of you joining me on the path of creating new paradigms of self-compassion, love, and trust.